Duties and Responsibilities

The Monitoring and Evaluation department will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures

  • Monitor all project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project output.

  • Recommend further improvement of the logical frame work.

  • Develop monitoring and impact indicator for the project success.

  • Monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results.

  • Monitor the sustainability of the project’s results.

  • Provide feedback to the Project Manager on project strategies and activities.

  • Suggest strategies to the Project Management for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the project by identifying bottlenecks in completing project activities and developing plans to minimize or eliminate such bottlenecks.

  • Report monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities to the National Project Director/Project Manager.

  • Conduct capacity assessment on existing monitoring and evaluation system Develop indicators and monitoring strategy for the project.

  • Participate in annual project reviews and planning workshops and assist the Project Manager in preparing relevant reports.