Puntland Water Development Agency

Our bride is to serve the Puntland society

PWDA promotes socio-economic development and social upliftment through sustainable water resources expansion, supply and management in order to meet the growing demands of Puntland community and the need for an adequate, reliable, and sustainable water sources.

Management Message!

Our vision is to contribute to Puntland’s socio-economic development through strategically developing reliable clean water access for all, and to proactively prepare for the recurring crises in the water sector.

Water sector development

We are developing a framework for managing and protecting water resources for improved water security and enhanced resilience to climate change

Inclusivity of stackeholders

We ensure full participation from beneficiaries in planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of community-based water supply schemes in rural areas

We dare to serve the nation


Borehole rehabilitation

We give a considerable time and resources to keep all existing boreholes runningĀ 

Geo-survey and drilling

We conduct random and planned geo-surveys to strategically plan future water resources

Water management

We are mandate to properly manage water resources both surface and underground

We uphold good governance principles

We work with principles

The works we do are guided by a mandate, best practice principle, and puntland state government regulations and laws


We uphold high ethical standards in executing all our duties and responsibility


We uphold the law of transiparency an openness for audit and reviews


Responsible for every decision and action made that influences our performance


For sustainable solutions we engage all stakeholders in decision making

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Work ethics and guidelines

Upon each task we undertake actions that maintain a healthy balance between environmental, economic and social needs now and in the future all of that to fulfill puntland community demands in water sector.

Community input!

Since we serve the community we always consider their input and suggestions for the betterment of the services we offer.

Respond to crises

Its the first time that we are seeing a segnificat move towards responding to the nature and man-made crises on the water sector.

Osman Abdulle
Community Leader

Technical Team

The skilled technical team of PWDA really does an excellent work both in field work routines and at offices to shows their competency

Bilan Ugaas
INGO staff

Proper Leadership

We see the current leadership of the PWDA as an experienced proactive stockholder in puntland water sector priorities and activities

Bulhan Abdi
Business Man


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Contact Us

Near Barxadda Garowe-PuntlandĀ 

(+252) 90779-6503